5 Reasons Riku Was Never Left Alone With Maleficent’s Council


Agrabah was scorchingly hot and unpleasant; even hiding in the deepest parts of the palace weren’t enough to escape from the heat of the day. Riku had grown up on an island that had at least an ocean that made the tropical sun bearable. Here in the desert, there was nothing but the shimmer of sun off sand, until that and sweat in his eyes made him dizzy.

He needed something — and with proper precautions, one little Blizzaga spell wouldn’t hurt that much, right?

… and anyway, Jafar’s resulting tantrum probably caused more damage to his stupid tapestries in the end.


If that stupid grinning burlap sack of bugs asked him “Do you want some candy, little boy?” one more time, Riku was going to commit cheerful and excessive violence.

And not even with Soul Edge, oh no; he’d take the axe from that drooling Behemoth’s head and go for it.


“… She has tentacles,” he said flatly. “And she keeps grinning at me. NO.”


Being on a real-life pirate ship was actually more a disappointment than anything else. When they’d played pirates, him and

(sora and)

Kairi, they’d been serious, always swordfighting and stealing treasure and getting away scott-free. Hook spent most of his time pacing and making dramatic gestures to the approval of his crew, and shaking his fist in the general direction of the stars, like he could find Peter Pan lurking behind the next cloud.

And the fact that he screamed like a little girl when Riku’s alarm clock went off was the lamest part of the whole deal.


maleficent’s fingers are cold and hard and her nails knifelike; she’s always very nice in her own way, but whenever she smiles at him, it takes all his willpower just to keep from being sick.

once he saw her shadow on the wall and it wasn’t a woman, it was a dragon, and even that shadow had eyes that glowed virulent green. it looked like it was smiling, a monster from fairytales come to eat the hearts of naughty little boys.

but she’s promised and promised and *promised* that she’ll get kairi’s heart back so it’s worth it.

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