All my best laid plans

Nothing like getting sick to completely knock you down off your resolution high horse, huh?

To be honest, it’s only knocked me off two days so far — I woke up Friday with the ticklings of a sore throat, which progressed by the time I got off work to full-fledged pain. I ended up going to bed at 9pm and sleeping (almost) straight through to 8:30am. There were a couple of unfortunate incidents, like when the cat begin to hurk up right next to my head and I woke up enough to blindly shove him away, or when I got way too warm to stay asleep, and the unpleasant, persistent reality of my sore throat.

At least by this point in my life, I know how to handle them. Sore throats used to happen like clockwork in my childhood: anytime the weather fluctated more than 5 degrees, there I went. So I did spend most of Saturday resting, dosing myself with EmergenC, hot tea, and the occasional warm saltwater gargle (which let me tell you, is disgusting, but it does help with the pain). I had enough other symptoms of a cold (bodyaches, oversensitive skin, and a persistent lingering headache) that I did in fact spend most of my day in bed sleeping.

And I ended up having to cheat some on my writing for that day, in that I just sort of rambled incoherently until I hit my daily minimum and called that good.

Friday didn’t fair much better, though I did at least spend my time writing out a plan for my weekend… a plan that didn’t at all come to fruition with the onset of sickness. Oh, well. On the one hand, I’m annoyed that it took me less than a full week into the new year to fall down on my resolutions; on the other, one of the things I promised myself was that I wouldn’t tear myself apart over things that were outside of my control. It’s not like I wanted to get sick; I’m still unsure whether I’ll call in to my dayjob tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to the tedium that comes from being too sick to have energy and focus, but too healthy to be able to just sleep in three-hour chunks at a time.

Still, the week hasn’t been a total wash. Writing still happened! Compared to most of last year, I managed to accomplish more this week than most given weeks in 2017. Some of that time I spent editing for Forward the Hunt, which drops on February 27th. (Preorders are always 15% off, so now’s a great time to buy!) I wrote my first 1000-word flash fiction story for the year. Progress was made on one of the pieces I would like to submit to Less Than Three sometime this year, but requires some retooling and rewriting before I feel comfortable enough sending it to a second round of betas, let alone the submission process.

On top of all that, I made progress into another side project that I have been building towards for a couple of years at this point. My other major hobby is beadwork, and I’ve had friends consistently encourage me to set up an etsy shop for a while now — and I decided that 2018 would be my year of side hustle. I still have my dayjob and (as far as I know, as far anything can be right now) it’s quite stable. There’s no shakeup on that horizon as far as I can see. But I did decide I wanted to ramp up my writing, and sometime in 2018 (hopefully by October, my birthday month, which is quite some time away but also gives me time to really pull things together) I’ll be launching a small etsy shop for themed jewelry. Right now I’m working on building up the stock (pride flag bracelets as well as Hogwarts Houses), but I did commission an artist friend for the banner and icon. The negotiations and work on that happened throughout last week.

She sent me the final files for that on Friday as well, and they’re so cute I’ve been metaphorically punching myself in the face over it. I’m really excited to get that going! Even if it doesn’t do spectacularly, I want to try and learn from it as best I can. I’ve set up a small savings account for that, retooled my budget overall, and now it’s just a matter of me being able to put in the work for it. That has me excited, my writing has me excited, and I am super hype to do everything I possibly can!!

…Once I am over this whole sore throat lightheaded low-energy illness thing, at least.

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