Ey September

Whoa, it’s September already. How’d that happen?

I’ve had a new work schedule at work for… about five months now, and it’s still taking me some adjustment. Both my hours and my working week have been shifted, and boy do I miss when I could bounce back from change in a snap. It’s forced me to adjust when I do my writing, but the important part is that I AM writing again. Hooray!

Obviously I don’t have much to show with the rest of things, but I am proud of that. I’m writing again. I’ll take that win.

Honestly, I’ve thought a lot about writing in general these past few months. I’ve always known in my heart that I really dislike the hustle– a large part of it is that I don’t like Twitter, which kneecaps me from interacting with a large portion of the writing community online. Who knows what causes it? But Twitter makes me incredibly cranky and anxious as a platform, so I’m stuck wistfully pressing my face against the glass, looking in.

I regret that, but I also don’t really want to do things halfheartedly. I’ve accepted being a relatively small name in the world, and that’s okay. The thing I always enjoyed most about writing fanfiction was just doing the writing part, and the comments/direct interaction with the readers. When I think back to that time, the joy of writing stands out most clearly in my mind.

I missed that.

This September update isn’t much of one. It’s not a declaration of intent. It’s just one more little voice in the wilds of the internet. “Hey, self, do you remember writing? Do you remember how much you loved it? Yeah, it turns out I do.”

So I’m back on it. And hey! Writing more means finishing more. I’ll hopefully have something to show very soon.

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