[In Other Words] Camp Nanowrimo! And noveling. And sales!

I think that after eleven years of living in the Pacific Northwest, I have finally fully acclimated — which is to say, when the temperatures hit the high eighties, I turn into the saddest lumpy slug to have ever existed without air conditioning.  I’m so glad that most of the news outlets agree we’ll start seeing cooling starting tonight/Tuesday; I think I got maybe max four hours of sleep because of the heat last night.

However, in spite of the terrible sunny weather, I did manage a pretty productive weekend!  My grand total wordcount for the month of June came out to be 59,156 — if I’d managed roughly 800 more words, I could have hit 60k and effectively hit double my minimum world goal for the month.  I feel pretty good about that!  And beyond roughly 2k words, all of those words were for the novel I started on June 1st.  Some of them have already been cut and there’ve been a few reworded editings, but I have stuck through the project for the whole of the month, and I’m going to be doing it again this month!  I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo with a goal of 50k words, because if I can keep applying myself even just an extra fifteen minutes in a day, I think I can make it.  (And maybe I’ll actually have something finished by the end of July, sob.)

I’m a little nervous still about this whole novel process; I’m still struggling with the whole “author” thing, where I put stories up for sale and people hopefully buy them.  I can definitely see where the suggestions that people should continuously keep writing and adding to their catalog in order to make sales and a mark on things, but right now all of my energies have gone to this novel, and I don’t entirely know when it’ll be finished.  (At ~48k words, it’s about a third of the way done through the main story arc I have projected.)  I definitely do better in the months where I actually have something new to offer, but that’s not likely to happen in July.  Maybe with some impetus, though, I can get something much longer finished, and that’ll attract at least a few more people my way.  (I can dream!)

In the meantime, though, I am participating in Smashwords’ July Summer/Winter sale!  I went for the 50% off coupon (which is SSW50, to be entered at checkout) so for the month of July, my stuff is half-off at Smashwords!  Please check me out if you’re interested in light m/m fiction. :)

In the meantime, I’ve got Camp NaNoWriMo to keep me going.  Hopefully this time next month I’ll have an actual finished product to share, ha ha (sob).

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