[In Other Words] Happy Friday!

First and foremost: thank you so much to everyone who took a look at my stuff!  I am extraordinarily grateful and a little overwhelmed that anyone period would take a look, and each and I would hug each and every single one of you if I could.

(Or, you know, if hugging is not your thing, cookies or banana trifle can be offered instead.)

I am very slowly (very slowly) trying to dip my feet into the wider world of publishing, both the self-pubbing thing and looking into smaller presses that are aligned with the sort of thing that I am interested in writing.  It’s really intimidating, frankly, because I am, at my core, a ridiculously shy person.  I don’t know if anyone whom I’m friends with would believe that, but my shyness is the sort that stands there and trumpets loudly in an attempt to distract the audience from shaky foundations with bluster and bravado.  It’s a little different from confidence, because I do think I am a decent writer (though naturally with lots of room to grow and improve), and I do my damn best to make sure a story is readable and entertaining before I put it out there.

But actually selling my efforts — waving the Banner Of Me to catch someone’s attention?  That’s difficult.  I’m the person who would rather keep my mouth shut and smile rather than make someone else feel obligated; I can fake it if I have to, but talking myself up is one of the hardest things I have ever attempted.  I really want very much to be able to reach more people with my writing (because for me, at least, it’s a given that I will continue to do so; after this many years, I think it’s a habit that’s here to stay) — I don’t need or want the glamor, I just want to be able to write stories that are read and enjoyed.  No high literature or deep vast meaning, just an entertaining time and a fond memory in its aftermath.

So once again, thank you to everyone who has read, who has commented or bought or otherwise given me a chance.  I feel extremely lucky, and I hope you’ll keep giving me more chances in the future. ♥

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