[In Other Words] Just a quick check-in

The internet in my condo is being kind of faulty this afternoon/evening — it keeps intermittently flickering to life and then fading out again.  So I’ve absconded to a local Starbucks (one of many; that’s living in downtown Seattle for you!) in order to get my daily writing session done.  (Because I am not going to let my 200+ day writing streak die because of something as flimsy as an internet connection.)

I had some ideas for a post about visceral writing, and some about writing dialogue, and maybe some about my struggles with social media and promotion.  But I actually don’t know when this Starbucks closes, so I’m going to break it off early today and get what I can done before I get kicked out.  Happy weekend, everyone!!  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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