Pride Sale Shill!

And now, a shill: My publisher, Less Than Three Press, is having a 20% Sale through the month of June celebrate Pride! That’s a sale on top of any preorder sales they’re doing, so it’s a pretty sweet sale right now! ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ And of course I’ve got some books available there for the interested.

Most of my stuff takes a fairytale bent, so if you’re interested, there’s:

Ravenhearth (m/m), where Bluebeard is the Beast but there’s a whole lot less death and dismemberment and discouraging demises.

Simon’s Cat (m/m), which is Puss in Boots with a catboy and brief appearances from other animal people, because I enjoy kemonomimi things.

Hold Fast the Knight (f/f/m), in which a would-be knight goes to save a prince and finds himself saved by a princess.

Forward the Hunt (m/m), where the young son of immigrants goes on a dragon hunt and lands on… just not necessarily in the way that he imagined.

A lot of hard work goes into all of the books at Less Than Three, though, so I would highly recommend people go peruse the whole library of what they’ve got for sale! And of course, I’d highly appreciate any interest or signal-boosting. (For anyone who does tumblr, I also have post here for reblogging.)

Now that the main shill is out of the way, here’s where I mention why it would mean an extra lot to me right now if anyone is interested, or could spread the word about this pride sale. Prepare yourselves:

My partner has an extremely bad back (while she is mobile, she does require a cane for anything outside of the house), and our bed (ten years old! not bad for an IKEA bed!) broke a couple of weeks ago. Which was uncomfortable but doable for me, but increasingly intolerable for my poor partner. So we had to order a new bedframe, and we’re looking into a new mattress, one that will be in general better for her back.

Neither of those things are cheap! We both have steady dayjobs, so we are working on saving up for it, but it would be nice to get it sooner. So any sales I make for the next… rest of the year will be going into this mattress fund. (In my tumblr post I said “this month” but really, mattresses are expensive and I anticipate it taking much longer.)

Please don’t feel obligated, either; I am definitely prepared and working on paying as much of the mattress as I can myself! But any extra that I can make through selling my books would be incredibly appreciated. Even signal boosting would be great, since I’m not really the best at advertising and outreach. But for this! For the sake of the partner who has always been so loving and supportive of me, I’d like to try!

Okay, that’s the end of that shilling. Thank you to everyone who has read this far, haha. (And of course, even more of a thank you to anyone who takes the time to look or signal boost; it honestly does mean a lot!)

For the most part, things have otherwise been the same and steady for me. Political woes have been weighing pretty heavily on me (which I am sure is the same for most people), but on the everyday level I’ve been muddling through. I’m working on my health (both mental and physical), working on cleaning up our home (I have so many craft supplies now, rediscovered after we cleaned our bedroom) and doing more with those crafts. My idle ambitions of opening an etsy shop this year are coming closer to fruition — my deadline for myself is my birthday month, October. We’ll see if I can manage it before then! (It’d be nice, but also, I’m not holding my breath with everything else that has to get done right now.)

Writing itself has honestly been kind of slow; I do think that it’s more difficult for me to focus on writing when the world is swirling through so much chaos right now. Instead, I’ve been focusing on crafts — there’s something very satisfying to making a tangible object, and I would call it equal, though different, to the satisfaction of finishing a story. It’s just that right now, I am more geared towards wanting the tangible at this moment in time.

Otherwise, I’m still muddling through. In spite of everything, I’m still here; I want to make the most of it.

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