[snippet] Last Breath

Have you ever had the opportunity to watch someone die? If you do — when you do — there’s something you should do as it happens.

Stand vigilant to the right of the dying person, with your back straight and your shoulders squared. Watch that person’s face carefully. Try not to blink, because it happens in a split-second, and you could miss it if you’re not paying absolute complete attention. At that time, when that person’s final breath is drawn in, reach down and cover their mouth and nose with your hand in a single movement. You have to time it exactly or else the trick fails. If you do it right, the dying person’s eyes will open wide, staring straight into yours, and you will see the dimming energy of their existence in their face. I don’t mean things like a “soul” or “anima” or whatever religion wants to call it — I mean the raw fabric that powers a person’s life, the thing that makes them move and speak and think and be. If you can keep that person’s nose and mouth sealed as they die, then when you pull your hand away, you will find sticky glowing threads stuck to your palm. This is pure energy, such as science and faith both cannot quantify or explain. It’s weak, because it’s nearly used up — but it has enough punch to give you a boost. More energy, reversing aging — like the ultimate in health food.  Try that for a diet, and I absolutely guarantee you the results will be far beyond what you could have ever imagined.

You can get something similar from infants, as they draw their first breath, but this timing is even trickier.  There is a split second before the beginning of the very first breath of someone’s life where all their potential is there, boiling up hard and high and rich.  If you can get it, it’s a lot stronger than someone who’s dying, but … well, if you think about the situation, you can see why it’d be more of a problem, right?

Once you have it, though, whether from a corpse or an infant, take your prize immediately or store it however you see fit — but be aware: just as I’m telling you this secret, so have other people learned it, and told others in turn. Some people can’t get the timing right, but they still crave what they can get. Murders have happened solely for the sake of this collection. Anyone who has a decent store of the stuff, whether within their selves or kept in a tupperware somewhere — they’re targets.

Is that sort of thing worth the risk? I think so. I’m five hundred years old today, but you couldn’t tell that, could you? It’s fine if you don’t believe me, though. If you ever get the balls to try it, you’ll see.

And someday in the future, if you’ve decided you enjoy what you’ve learned, and you’ve spread the story as you see fit, come and find me. I’ll be waiting.

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