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The Jewels of Pandora

In the course of a year Watanuki has learned to never question where or how Yuuko’s customers find the shop — only that they do, inevitably and invariably. “Someone told me about it,” they say, and don’t quite look at … Continue reading

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various songlines

Ayakashi/Mononoke The kitten is a small, shivering thing, so scrawny that its ribs are clearly visible through thin layers of skin and muscle and fur. Rain drums hard against its side, drips off its whiskers. It breathes slowly, pathetically; its … Continue reading

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various genderswitch

Firefly (Mal) It ain’t that he’s got a problem with women in charge — his momma’d whup him good if she ever heard him saying gorram idjit things like that — it’s just that the woman who’s tryin’ to bargain … Continue reading

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lemon party

Ingway/Mercedes (Odin Sphere) Ingway remembered Queen Elfaria, dimly: a tall statuesque woman, heavy at the breasts and hips, with lovely grave eyes and an elegant hand. She’d handled her crossbow with careless ease, but there had been no calluses upon … Continue reading

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the necessity of breath

Cain sleeps on his stomach, with his face pressed to starched pillows and blankets piled heavily atop him, even during the hottest parts of summer. It feels a little like suffocation, and he can’t rest otherwise.

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The Ways of Ritual

It was not an obvious thing, nor a constant one; it was not even a regular thing. Weeks could slip into months before anything happened. However, it was always a consistent thing. It would always start once Miss Merryweather was … Continue reading

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