Thank You, And December

First, a brief shill

My publisher, Less Than Three Books, currently has a sale going on! They’ve got a lot of excellent choices here, so if you’re looking for something new to read, check them out! My stuff can be found here.

And now, some sappy thank yous

So this week sure went by fast! Even at the most dragging periods of the dayjob (nothing feels longer to me than the last day or two before vacation) things seemed to pass in quite the hurry. As semi-traditional at this point, my roommates and I hosted a Friendsgiving potluck for our local circle, and I think that turned out pretty successful! Even with a turkey mishap. (I lost track of time and came in very late to my butcher’s pickup day, so the only bird left fell on the smaller side, rather than the large I’d ordered. I took it anyway. I think they were relieved I didn’t pitch a fit, but I was just glad there was a turkey left at all.)

Perhaps ironically for a writer — and one who likes to both write and read romances — I sometimes find it difficult to articulate my feelings, especially to the depth I have them. I’m a bit of a crybaby, cranky as a cat, and occasionally imperious about demanding affection (or at least attention). But trying to put these things into words always feels a bit like telling, not showing, and while I’m not a character in a story, it still feels like I should be putting more effort into it than that, haha.

But I do very much want to say thank you.

Thank you everyone who gave me a chance and read my writing, both in my fanfic days and with my professional writing; I imagine a lot of my audience might be my friends, but I know there are also strangers who’ve picked me up and that is wild to think about. Thank you to the people who sent me nice messages, or gave me kudos, or otherwise favorably reviewed me. Thank you for your patience and your interest; even if this blog is just another blip on the vastness of the internet, I want to express my gratitude.

There’s still a lot I’m learning, and a lot I’m interested in trying and improving on. Even if I’ve been slow in my output this whole crazy rollercoaster year (yikes!), I still have a lot of stories I want to tell, and a lot more I want to share. Thank you everyone who has stuck with me so far; I hope that you’ll continue to find me and mine worth supporting in the future!

(And thank you especially to Kate, who is my biggest and kindest cheerleader, and who gives me hugs when I am discouraged and moping and believes I can be better than my perceived best. Thank you. ♥)

Then finally, December plans

And now that’s out of the way! Some more concrete plans.

The past couple of weeks I’ve been talking about pingponging back and forth for the sake of NaNoWriMo — but boy did I get hit hard by Daylight Savings (when the Pacific Northwest day becomes a scant five hours of sunlight, if you can call watery gray cloud-filtered light “sunlight”), Friendsgiving prep, and then the ramp up of the dayjob into its busy season. I haven’t been any less productive than I am in normal months, but I certainly fell off from my strong start of overproductivity. There were definitely days when I just barely scraped by, but also days where I did pretty well, so… as far as NaNoWriMo goes, 50K words was a bust, but I did at least get back into the swing of writing.

So right now, for December, my plans are going to be a lot less all over the place, a little more focused. Hopefully 2018 will be kinder to all of us than 2017.

I will have a new novel coming out sometime in 2018 for one! It’s about a young man, the son of two immigrants, who finds and takes in an injured dragon in the course of trying to fit in with his adopted home country. I just got my second pass of edits for that, so as the thing with an actual deadline, I’ll be focusing on that first.

I’m also in the last formatting and editing stages with a story I’ve been working on through the summer — this one about a princess who goes to rescue her fiance after he’s kidnapped on their wedding day and finds herself fascinated by the fairy behind it. That one basically needs maybe a little more tweaking, but is essentially done; my goal now is to have it sent out by the end of December for acceptance or rejection.

And then finally, I have a story that I am about knee-deep into reworking right now — the one I have mentioned before as being one where I still liked my overall story, but wasn’t terribly happy with its execution. A young man returns to his small hometown following the death of his best friend and partner, and in his attempt to come to terms with that, finds himself involved with something a lot deeper and older than expected.

Of course, there are still other projects I’m hoping to work on in between those three things. For one, the edits are due at the beginning of January, and the story about the princess is extremely close to done. I’m toying with some Twine-related stuff that I am hoping to roll out with the new year, and of course I have my weekly flash fiction (which I do need to start compiling to post here again). Plus, I’ve got the tentative of opening an etsy shop in 2018, so I need to ramp up work for that.

But overall I feel good about my plans! Here’s to hoping December treats us all well, holiday madness (and global political madness) all aside.

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