The Pen Is

In hindsight, he thinks the challenge was a bad idea. The best way to get Edward Elric to do anything isn’t to order him, but to challenge him, which is something Roy has used to his advantage in the past. Unfortunately, it has been known to backfire, too.

Like now. One offhand comment about Ed lacking eloquence in anything unrelated to alchemy has sparked this ridiculous habit, and while Roy is a patient man, there is a certain point where even Ed’s amusing obsessiveness gets irritating.

He rolls over and opens one eye, and isn’t sure if he’s more irritated at the fact that the lamp is still on, or that Ed has been so absorbed all evening.

“Ed,” he says. “Put the paper down and go to sleep.”

Ed uses the pen to push his glasses up his nose. “Eight-letter word for ‘overindulgences’?” he asks, as though he heard nothing.

Roy props himself up onto one elbow, and considers trying to take the paper away. He knows better — Ed doesn’t have any reservations of punching with his metal fist when provoked.

“You’ve been working on that one for hours,” Roy says. “If you don’t need to sleep, I do.”

“Mmhmm,” says Ed. He scribbles in another word. “Hey, do you know a four-letter word for –”

Edward,” he says, with more irritation now, “there’s a perfectly good desk downstairs you may use, so I would appreciate it if you –”

In a single smooth motion, Ed leans down and kisses him soundly; at first, he tries to continue talking, genuinely irritated, then gives up. Ed is not unlike a force of nature, sometimes, and it’s often safer to let it go, to open and let him have his way. Roy curls a hand around one shoulder for balance, makes a pleased sound as Ed’s hand rakes firmly down, chest to belly to lower still.

Ed pushes at Roy’s shoulder with his free hand, and they go down with a thump and a bounce. Ed refuses to let the kiss break, and hums pleased as he strokes Roy through his pants with a strong, sure hand.

It’s when Roy moves himself, reaching up and sliding his hands under Ed’s tanktop and letting his fingers creep upwards, across warm skin, that Ed breaks the kiss.

“Four-letter word for sex?” Ed grins at him, glasses just barely hanging onto his face, flushed and breathless.

Roy pulls the glasses off, and tosses them haphazardly onto the bedside table.

“You know very well,” he growls, and drags Ed down again.

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